Monday, March 30, 2015

Cute Recipes!

Hi raspberries! Lately I've been getting really inspired by some YouTubers who have cooking channels with the cutest recipes! Today I want to share these channels with you and some of my favorite recipe ideas from them!

So the first channel I'm going to talk about is Mosogourmet. This is a Japanese cooking channel with tons of recipes. The cooking demonstrations are done in an ASMR style, with no background music, so you can hear all of the sounds of the cooking and opening packages. This is great if you look ASMR and find these types of things relaxing. Here are some of my favorite ideas from Mosogourmet.

Up next is bonobos25. This channel has both recipes and shows demonstrations of small Japanese toys, again in the ASMR style like Mosogourmet. The channel tests a lot of Japanese "food appliance" type items for recipes. They have a really cool series where they take a food from a Re-ment Miniature set and recreate the food in real life! They also test lots of Popin Cookin type candy and food kits.

Real figure③ miniature materialize "Rilakkuma fried egg toast"
Real figure③ ミニチュア実体化 「リラックマ目玉焼きトースト」

Nyaran lunch kit にゃらんデコ弁キット 「春のにゃら弁コンテスト」

100円シリーズ 「練乳ミルクプリン」「Condensed Milk Pudding」

「スライムカレーがあらわれた!?」 「Slime Curry」

Interesting kit② 「butt pudding」  しんちゃん ぷりぷりプリン


Ochikeron is probably my favorite YouTube cooking channel. She is a Japanese home cook who speaks English in her videos. I really love her recipes because she had cute things, but also has more traditional Japanese recipes, unlike bonobos25 or Mosogourmet. Her bento creations are amazing as well. And she just had a baby daughter! Congrats!

Katsu Curry (Curry and Rice with Pork Cutlet)

Beef Sukiyaki (Japanese Hot Pot)

How to Make Ponyo Ramen Noodles (As Seen in the Movie)

AMAZING Pokemon Chocolate

Teacup Shortcakes (Valentine's Day Cupcakes)

Cooking With Dog

This channel is so cute! It's set up like a real cooking show. The woman who cooks speaks Japanese as she cooks, but the dog, Francis, "narrates" the show in English. The recipes are awesome and the show is super fun to watch!

How to Make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake Recipe)

How to Make Takoyaki (Japanese Octopus Ball Recipe) [Remastered Version]

How to Make Ebi Fry (Deep Fried Breaded Prawn Recipe)

Omurice (Remastered Version)

How to Make Melonpan (Melon Bread Recipe)

That's it for today's post! I hope you guys like these channels and they inspire you like they did me!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Where the Heck Have I Been

Hi raspberries! I am so sorry I haven't posted on here in quite some time. My computer has been acting up recently and I couldn't use my laptop for anything for a while. That's what I get for buying a PC just because it was pink.

Truth be told, I've been very nervous lately and having a lot of anxiety. In my typical procrastinator style, I decided to avoid my problems instead of facing them. This blog felt like a responsibility and thus, I avoided it.
But I'm happy to say I have plans for some new posts, and intend to start blogging about a variety of things, from lolita fashion, cute fashion, music, makeup, DIY projects, feminism, etc. 

Thanks for bearing with me guys, I love you all!