Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge: #13 and 14!

Hi raspberries! Time for questions 13 and 14 from the Lolita 52 Challenge! The questions are lolitas I've met and lolitas I want to meet.

Lolitas I've Met

Unfortunately I haven't met any "famous" lolitas in real life. Probably the most famous lolita I know personally is Annie, aka acchirin on Youtube. She's in my local comm. She's the sweetest lolita I've personally met. She organizes a lot of our group's meetups. 

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Lolitas I Want to Meet

There are so many lolitas I'd love to meet, I'm just going to list a few of my lolita idols!

Lovely Lor

I've followed Lor on tumblr, instagram, and Youtube for quite a while now. She makes a hilarious series of "Shit Lolitas Say" videos, as well as other comedy and advice videos. I think she seems like a really nice and down-to-Earth person who would be easy to make friends with.

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Princess Peachie

Peachie was my first major lolita inspiration. I found her through her Youtube channel about 4 years ago and have been with her ever since. She's particularly inspiring to me because her wardrobe is largely Bodyline and offbrand. She has a super sweet and infectious personality, and I really like her Youtube content.

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Cadney (sometimes called Cadney-chan), was another lolita I got into when I first started wearing the fashion. I loved her OTT-sweet style. I'm starting to outgrow OTT, but Cadney does amazing coordinates from other styles as well, and it's really cool to see her branch out.

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Midori Fukasawa

Like all lolitas, I would love to meet the incomparable Misako Aoki, and Angelic Pretty's Maki and Asuka. However, my recent favorite lolita model is Midori Fukasawa. She primarily models for BTSSB, although I've seen her for Innocent World as well. She has the sweetest face, and always looks ethereally beautiful. 

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That's all for this post! Of course there are plenty of other lolitas I'd love to meet, but these were the main ones I thought of. What famous lolitas have you met? Who would you want to meet?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge #12!

Hi raspberries! Welcome to the latest installment of The Lolita 52 Challenge. Today's topic is #12: Combining Other Fashions With Lolita. I'm going to talk about my thoughts on this and give some examples of combinations I like.

On the topic of combining other fashion styles with lolita: I've seen this happening a lot more in recent years and usually, I love it! Here are some examples of combinations I really like.

Vintage Fashion with Classic

Sakura Fairy in a vintage hat, buckle, and scarf

Sakura Fairy in a vintage hat and thrifted shoes and blouse
Fanny Rosie
Fanny Rosie

Cult Party Kei with Sweet

Violet Lunchell

Misako Aoki in Museum Bear
Midori Fukusawa at the BTSSB Fashion Show
Otome with Lolita

Milk Tea Machine
Deer Alice
Country Mouse

These are some of my favorite "crossover" styles! I'd love to start wearing Vintage-Classic lolita. Are there any of these styles you like or would wear? What about other crossover styles?