Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Inspirations!

Hi raspberries! Today I want to make a post about my many inspirations in fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. These are people whose fashion sense inspires me personally, and I want to introduce them to people who might not be familiar with them. (Some of these people are in my sidebar.)


Fetsu-Chan is one of my biggest inspirations! Based in the UK, she has a blog, a tumblr, instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Her style is mostly fairy kei oriented, but recently she's been getting some lolita pieces as well. I really like how her makeup is simple, but high impact. She has tutorials of how to do different looks on her Youtube channel. I would recommend her videos for anyone getting into fairy kei or Japanese street fashion because her looks are pretty simple and easy, but very cute!


Anzujaamu is a blogger who wears a lot of different styles. I really like her because she switches it up. Sometimes she wears lolita (I've never seen her in brand, though), sometimes she wears creepy-cute, sometimes she wears fairy kei, sometimes she even cosplays. I wish she made Youtube videos more often because I really like her makeup and would like to see how she does it. Like Fetsu, she has a really great wig and circle lens collection that are a huge inspiration to me.


Pastelbat is someone I got into when I was first getting into Japanese fashion other than lolita. Her style has changed a bit over the years, so I included a few different pictures. She is Sweden-based and wears a lot of different styles. I've seen her in lolita and she wears it really well. Recently she's started wearing more cult party kei (top pictures), but she used to wear a lot of pastel goth and creepy-cute (bottom pictures). I think she looks great in either!

Ichigoflavor (Berry Tsukasa)

Berry is someone I really love for her adorable makeup style and circle lenses/wigs. She makes me feel like a little circle lens goes a long way! I love her tumblr and her gyaru/ulzzang inspired style. Sometimes she dips into cosplay (Super Sonico shown here, I know she also did Hatsune Miku) and I think those are also really cute.

Eva Cheung (Pinkland)

Eva Cheung is a model who has posed for all sorts of fashion brands, including Lazy Oaf and Nasty Gal. I really like her unique style. She doesn't really wear wigs, which isn't very like me, but it does give me inspiration for growing my hair out, which I'm trying to do. She also has amazing famous friends, like Ayumi Seto and Juria Nakagawa!


Amo is a Japanese model for fashion magazines such as Zipper and KERA. She was famous for the duo, Amoyamo, which was a musical project between her and other model, Ayamo. I love Amo's unique style. She's been really key in pioneering new Japanese fashion styles, and has many brands of her own, the most famous being Katie and and Candy Stripper.
Princess Peachie

I've been with Peachie forever. She was one of the people who really inspired me to start wearing lolita. I'd been interested in and known about lolita since about the 5th grade, but didn't get the confidence to wear it until around the 10th. Peachie was a big inspiration to me. She only owns one brand piece, which she got recently (Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy JSK in Pink). Everything else she owns is Bodyline, a replica, or a Taobao/indie brand. She also suffers chronic fatigue syndrome and rarely leaves her apartment, a big inspiration to someone with severe anxiety and depression! While I am a bit of a brandwhore in theory, I can't afford to be one in practice. I love that Peachie still rocks it on a budget and proves that anyone can!


Haruka Kurebayashi is an adorable Japanese model for the magazine, KERA. I sort of fell out of love with the decora style when I hit high school, but Kurebayashi is making me fall in love all over again. I just thought they bright colors weren't for me anymore, and were too loud or over the top in the wrong way. I'm still not sure I would dress like this, but is it inspiring? Heck yeah! Kurebayashi also has braces which she wears bright bands for. I love embracing "flaws" and making them a part of your personal style!

Misako Aoki

Misako. The original. The one and only. Bow down and kiss her tea parties. Misako Aoki is quite literally the president of lolita. She was appointed "Kawaii Ambassador" by the Japanese government, to spread the word about lolita to girls the world over. She's heavily tied to the brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and has modeled for KERA and the Gothic & Lolita Bible. 
Tsubasa Masuwaka

Probably queen of the gyarus, Tsubasa has modeled most notably for Popteen magazine. She took a break to focus on her marriage, but filed for divorce in 2013. She is now the face of Dolly Wink Lashes and Candydoll Cosmetics. She also has a singing career under the persona "Milky Bunny". I love her toned-down, but still cute gyaru style. I could never really get into onee-gyaru, and I like that even though she's getting older, she still keeps it cute!


Cocona (also known as Serina) is an AV Gyaru. AV is a term commonly used in Japan to refer to porn, standing for "adult video". I guess there's some debate in the gyaru community about AV gyaru, but I'm not that heavily into gyaru and don't know much about it. A lot of AV gyaru wear heavier makeup, have blonde hair, and tans. Frankly, I couldn't care less if they're porn stars. I think the makeup style is cute! I love this over-the-top diva style with huge hair, crazy long nails, and huge false lashes. Everyone should channel their inner pornstar sometimes.

Kina Shen

Kina Shen is someone I discovered recently. She's a Chinese fashion student living in LA, and I totally love her goth-inspired style. Also the hugest hair inspiration. This makes me want to grow it out so bad, oh my god! The most beautiful circle lenses in existence, too.


Australian lolita Milkyfawn is my biggest lolita inspiration right now. I think I'm maturing a bit in the style, and it's cool to see how she started off really sweet and has gotten into slightly more mature, but still sweet styles. Also just the coord queen, imo.

RinRin Doll

RinRin Doll is an adorable model for Angelic Pretty, and magazines such as KERA and Alice Deco. I think she has such an interesting face and is really cute in such a cool way. I also really love how she rocks a lot of different styles, just like me! 


Another girl I got into recently through her Youtube channel! An adorable gaijin gyaru. I really like her toned-down style. I'm getting more into this type of thing recently, wanting to look a bit more natural, but still have that cute "dolly" look. Major hairspiration again!

That's all for today! I hope you were inspired by some of these lovely people's fashion! I'll see you next time!

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