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Wigs Everyone Should Own

Hi raspberries! Today I'm going to talk about wigs! If any of you don't know, I wear wigs pretty frequently. I had my hair cut short when I was about 6, and it hasn't really been much past my shoulders since. Sometimes it's just fun to wear your hair in a different way than the way it really is! Wigs are a fun, easy way to change your hair in an instant without any dye, cutting, or the drag that extensions and weaves can be (I've also had a sew-in weave and it was very uncomfortable for me personally). I'm into Japanese street fashion, especially a style called lolita (not associated with the book by Vladimir Nabokov), and a lot of the people who wear street fashion wear wigs. This is going to be a list of wigs that I think everyone who wears wigs should own!

1. The "Your Dream Hair" Wig
This is a wig that looks like what you wish the hair that grew out of your head looked like. I'm not really an "au naturale" type by any means, but I think it's important to have a wig that looks like what you wish your hair looked like, or even what your hair really would look like, if you're a chop-a-holic like me. My Dream Hair Wig is the W053 from Bodyline in Medium Brown 5. This wig is a bit lighter than my natural hair color, but it's similar to what my hair would really look like if it were long and just grew out of my head. I think my natural hair color is a bit dull, personally, so I went with a color I prefer, but is still close. Another wig I think is very natural looking and suits this look well is Apple Jelly from DreamHolic.

$27 at
$35 at

2. The Bob
Everyone should own some type of bob. It's a classic look and will go with everything. A long bob is fine, or a short bob if you're more adventurous You can get a curly one or a straight one. It'll also be a lot more manageable than long wigs. I'm a serial long wig buyer, and I've had to toss about 4 of the long wigs I've bought because they got so unmanageable. I owned a bob wig for a while (decided the color wasn't for me), and it stayed in great shape the whole time! I've been eyeing this curly bob from WigIsFashion, and love this straight bob from Lockshop.

$19 at
25,95 Euro or about $28 at

3. The Lace Front
I don't have a lace front yet, but I went to hair school and have seen them worn, and have even tried some on myself. I think they're beautiful and can look great. There's a wide range of prices with lace fronts (like with any wigs), but lace fronts can get quite expensive, especially if you're dabbling into human hair. A lace front wig has a, well, lace front. There's a piece of mesh lace on the hairline of the wig that is cut down and makes the hairline of the wig appear to be actually growing from your scalp. I've seen some really cool lace fronts coming out recently, so I'm going to suggest a couple in different price ranges, but all relatively affordable as far as this type of wig goes. Lockshop Wigs has a few really beautiful lace front wigs, which are all in the range of about $100. WigIsFashion also has a host of lace fronts, which are some of the cheapest I've seen, all in about the $55 range. The wigs from Lockshop will be nicer, fuller, and made of better material. But if you're just starting out, I've seen some lovely pictures of the ones from WigIsFashion as well.

85,95 Euro (about $100) at
$54 at
4. The "Accessory" Wig
Not everyone might feel the need to have one of these, but as a lolita, I find them to be hugely timesaving and kind of just plain fun. When I say "accessory" wig, I mean a wig that comes with attachments, usually some kind of bun or ponytail clips. They come to match the wig and are sewn onto a claw that just clips onto the clip. Voila! Instant ponytails and no fear of your tracks showing! Below is a stock photo of the twintail wig I own, which I bought secondhand, with and without ponytails attached. I'm also putting some suggestions of "accessory wigs" that I like.

39,95 Euro or about $47 at
(Actually from the place my twintail wig is from) $28.88 at cosplayvogue on eBay

 5. The Boy Wig
I don't own one of these yet either, but have seen my main girl (I say that like I know her and don't just idolize her from afar) Fetsu-Chan wear some adorable boy-style wigs. It made me (queen of long wigs) want to get one. I have short hair myself, I think I'm never attracted to short wigs because it just doesn't seem as fun to have short hair in a wig when you have it on your head every day. But remember kids, wigs probably look better than your real hair in terms of perfection. Now, when I say boy-style, I don't mean something that actually looks masculine. More like, imagine the anime man of your dreams and his hair can be yours. Here's a picture of Fetsu wearing a short wig, and some short wigs I like. "Men's Full Wig - Straight" from YesStyle, and a wig that's actually for a Diabolik Lovers cosplay, but I don't think anyone would know that if you just wore it with regular clothes from JcPunk on eBay.

Fetsu-Chan in a short wig

$28.72 at

$21.98 at jcpunk on eBay
6. The "JFC I'm Going To a Rave" Wig
This is a wig that's just plain ridiculous. Bright, crazy, and fun. I don't really get the whole thing where we have to act like our wigs are our real hair. I mean, it's one thing if your wig is horrible quality and looks like it came from the costume store, but if it's bright as heck and looks almost impassable as your real hair, who cares! Everyone's entitled to a little fun, and I think everyone should own a fun wig.

$55.99 at
24 GBP or about $36 at
$35.99 at
7. The Goddess Wig
I used to have a wig like this, and I ended up tossing it because it got so unruly. WARNING: If you have a very long wig, it's probably best to keep it wrapped up in a hairnet rather than out on display like I tried to do with mine. Anyway, this is a wig that makes you feel like, well, a goddess. Long, flowing, ethereal, and out of this world. Here are some wigs I like that suit this look.

35,95 Euro or about $40 at
$20 at
8. The Rhapsody
When these wigs first came out, I loved them. Then they got super popular and the angsty teen still living inside me didn't want one anymore. Now they've been out for a while, and I've concluded that everyone needs one. I think they're beautiful wigs that look good on everybody. The Rhapsody is a style of wig introduced by the Gothic Lolita Wigs brand, now under the subheading "Dolluxe", which owns GLW, Rockstar Wigs, and Cosplay Wigs USA. They warn on the website against buying dupes of Rhapsody, which just seems like a marketing ploy. It's not. I've seen the replicas of the Rhapsody wig, and they're not pretty. They look okay, but they lack all of the beautiful fullness that the original ones have. I would really recommend buying an original Rhapsody.

all $65 at
9. The Straight Wig
I think everyone should have a wig that's just...straight. Curly and wavy wigs are beautiful, and can really highlight color patterns within the wig, but they can be a pain to look after. Straight wigs will usually stay nicer, and you can brush through them without fear of ruining the shape. (It's also like an instant flat iron if you have curly or wavy hair.) I like this one from WigIsFashion, Lockshop, and Rockstar Wigs.

$20 at
32,95 Euro or about $37 at
$52.99 at
10. Hime Wig
Everyone wants to feel glamorous sometimes. I understand a lot of people will be turned off by hime wigs, because they're very dramatic. But I say a touch of drama never hurt anyone. Hime is Japanese for princess, and "hime" wigs refer to a style of Japanese fashion called "hime gyaru", or princess gal. Hime wigs always have a bouffant "pouf" in the back, because they've been backcombed a lot. You could achieve this look on a regular wig, but it's hard to do without showing tracks or making your wig look awful. Here are some I like from Cyperous, Lockshop, and Gothic Lolita Wigs.

5,900 Yen or about $50 at

$54.99 at

37,95 Euro or about $42 at

That's going to conclude things for this post. There are more wigs I personally think everyone should own, but probably aren't very realistic for most people. I'll make posts in the future if I get new wigs to review them. Do you wear wigs? If not, would you consider it? Let me know!

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